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Sister Acts from Spain

There have been a lot of sister acts from Spain, here are two of them, Azucar Moreno and Las Ketchup. Las Ketchup are more recent  all Girl Pop group and the song that made them famous is called, "Asejere" or known as  "The Ketchup" song.

The  Azucar Moreno sisters have been around since the Nineties. I remember buying their music in the 90's,you might be familiar yourself with the popular hit "Solo se Vive Una Vez" and "Mambo"Mambo.There quite gorgeous and I love their sultry music.

Azucar Moreno- Mambo

Azúcar Moreno (Spanish for “brown sugar”) is the name of a famous music duo from Spain. Composed by sisters Toñi and Encarna Salazar, the singing duo comes from Extremadura. They are part of a large family of performers: .

Azucar Moreno became famous all over Spain, the rest of Europe and Latin America, after singing their song "Bandido" at the Eurovision Song Contest 1990.  Like David Bustamante in my previous blog, they also sing a beautiful rendition of a classic Spanish love song, "Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti" and a version of the Gloria Gaynor classic, I Will Survive, in Spanish, it's called, "Sobrevivire".

Azucar Moreno- Bandido

Azucar Moreno- Besame

Las Ketchup is a 4-girl group (previously consisting of three sisters), whose members are Lola, Pilar, Lucía and Rocio Muñoz from Córdoba in Andalucia, Spain. They are the daughters of Juan Muñoz, a flamenco guitarist known as El Tomate (The Tomato).

Prior to Rocio’s addition to the group in 2006, the other three girls had success with their worldwide hit “Aserejé”, also known as The Ketchup Song in 2002. It reached or almost reached the top of the charts in many countries including Spain, UK, Italy, Greece, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Argentina, Poland, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, India, Australia and Puerto Rico. However, it failed to chart on the U.S. Billboard.

Their first single as a 4-girl group was "Bloody Mary" (like the name of the CD) was the Spanish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006. The song did not perform as well as expected, ending 21st with only 18 points.

Las Ketchup-Asereje

Las Ketchup- Kusha La Paya

Las Ketchup- Asejere
Las Ketchup- Kusha La Paya
Azucar Moreno- Besame
Azucar Moreno-Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti

Lánzame los Trastos, Baby (Album Version)

Originales: 20 Exitos

Listening to  music, is the best way in my book, to learn languages.The more you learn Spanish, the more you can enjoy the music, and the more you learn about Spanish music, the more you can enjoy Spanish.
Spanish music has a great heritage and in the future, I will be writing more about different genres: Flamenco, Rumba, Tango, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia,and Bachata.

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